Steve Brock starred as himself in “My Calico Soul”. This show is written and Produced by Steve Brock and directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson.

"My Calico Soul” is a journey of bisexual identity and taking all the labels that get thrust upon us or even give to ourselves and thoroughly accepting all of them. He brings you through early life and to present day using stories of his childhood, his awkward teenage years and even his adulthood. Also, as an accomplished singer/songwriter, he includes original music to help tell the story. The show took place at the Broadwater Studio Theatre during the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


“Steve Brock is many things – singer-songwriter, actor, bisexual, autistic, talented, but what he definitely is not is timid.  He confidently tells his story in song and speech and draws the audience in with his sweetness and charm. He was honest about his labels – those imparted on him and those he assigned himself. He led the audience through his life story and even had a talkback session at the end so that the audience could ask questions about anything they did not understand. His voice is sweet, and he writes beautiful songs, especially the title track that he uses to open and close the show.  All in all, it was a most worthy effort.  You should definitely check this one out, especially if you like to see how hard work and perseverance wins out over obstacles.” - Bob Leggett—Indie Voice Blog (http://www.lamusiccritic.com/indie_voice_blog/hff18-day-6-see-it-or-skip-it-part-1/)

Review of a workshop version of “My Calico Soul”:
“Steve Brock opens up his solo fest with a lovely song into a smooth segue, ‘We all have labels. I am singer/songwriter, actor, artist and bisexual.’ He begins to speak about gender fluidity and educates the audience with his gentle voice. He paints a portrait of his tormented childhood, acting out his own traumatic story. His performance lingers like important poetry. Each of his songs helps to move his story along; his original songs are delightful and apropos. This show is riveting because of the level of detail and the nuanced, vivid images telling the story that no one knew, his feelings and his survival, no doubt through his excellent music." – Yvonne Ronceros, http://NoHoArtsDistrict.com

Media Inquiries: play@mycalicosoul.com

About the Perfomer

Steve Brock, writer/producer of “My Calico Soul,” has starred in several short films, music videos, and feature films. He also produced two short films. “Even Steve” is a short film that he wrote, directed, and starred in based on an alternate-biographical history of this own life. “Making Amends” is a short film that he wrote with Aga Kadlubowska about family alcoholism. Steve was also in a musical review called “Songalogues” and a showcase of monologues called “3060”. As a singer/songwriter, he has released two CD’s: “Cry By the Light of the Moon” and “Infinity” and has performed several shows at the Gardenia Restaurant and Lounge in West Hollywood. For more, please visit http://www.stevebrockmedia.com.

About the Director

Jessica Lynn Johnson (Director) is a published playwright, recipient of BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST AWARD, Board member of the LA Women's Theatre Festival and Founder & CEO of Soaring Solo Theatre Company LLC. For years, Jessica has taught an ongoing FREE weekly solo theatre class, as well as paid private coaching sessions to guide solo artists in the development of their one person plays. For over a decade she has "edu-tained" international audiences touring her own 25 character one-person shows. Recently, Jessica was thrilled to direct five solo artists in the LA Women’s Theatre Festival, 17 solo shows in Whitefire Theatre's Solo Fest 2017, and 15 solo shows in the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017. Over the years, Jessica's solo shows have taken home TOP OF& FRINGE, ENCOREPRODUCER AWARDS, and several other accolades! Jessica is honored to be a guide on Steve's solo journey. For more info on Jessica's various projects, please visit:http://www.JessicaLynnJohnson.com