"The honesty. Steve’s writing and performance mines some dark place that many people (more than will admit) should find relate-able. I could hear audience members emotionally reacting to revelations. Some heartbreaking, some uplifting, but most importantly all of them real and honest. Brilliant. I feel bad for anyone who missed this :)" - Patrick Duncan

"The ballad that Steve sings against the wall, with the lovely lighting on his face. The way he acted out moments in therapy, when he was a young boy, and the experience that changed him forever. The sad story that he shares with us with courage and conviction. The Q & A afterwards, for more of a look inside the sweet soul that is Steve Brock. This was a courageous and honest portrayal of a man on a journey of sself-discovery Steve musical abilities and fine voice enhance this show. Our hearts go out to this gentle soul. Told with humor and tragedy. Wonderful writing and fabulous direction by the talented Jessica Lynn Johnson. Everything she touches is GOLD! :)" - Kelly Mullis

"Steve Brock recounts his experiences with absolutely no ego and with a genuine desire to connect to both those who judge and label others, and those who have suffered from receiving such labels. Loved the intimate setting and simple storytelling." - Cat Lacohie

"Steve is raw for the audience as he takes a journey through his past. He incorporates singing and guitar playing into the mix, which compliments the material beautifully. He goes over the issues of labels and sexual assault, which is particularly relatable in today’s #metoo movement. It was moving and inspiring. And the colorful language he uses paints a vivid picture. Definitely would recommend to anyone!" - Kayla Burchatz

"Steve Brock is many things – singer-songwriter, actor, bisexual, autistic, talented, but what he definitely is not is timid. He confidently tells his story in song and speech and draws the audience in with his sweetness and charm. He was honest about his labels – those imparted on him and those he assigned himself." - Bob Leggett

"I liked Steve’s performance very much - his musicality and connection with the material kept me in rapt attention. Steve Brock’s vulnerability and insight into his personal story captivates you and takes you on a journey with him. I learned a lot about this talented artist!" - William Joseph Hill

"Steve Brock includes you in the journey of his life with poignant and touching moments. His beautiful singing voice…reminds me of James Taylor in tone and lends a lovely touch to his story. (Steve’s story)" - Pamela Hill

"Steve provided a poignant, but ultimately, uplifting, story of struggles he has faced in life. The songs are a good fit for the story and never feel out of place."
Sweet - Herbert Gore

"Steve Brock is a very gifted artist who takes his audience on a spectacular yet extremely intimate ride sharing his "calico soul" true-life stories, and fabulous original songs. Absolutely loved it!" - Pamela Clay

"A glimpse into the mind of a unique individual, conflicted by his catholic upbringing with his quest to define his complex sexuality and search for intimacy while struggling with various psychological disorders. Steve Brock brings a brutal, gut-wrenchingly sad, and at times, humorously twisted slice of his colorful history to the stage. Brock's warm and self-deprecating interactions with the audience in the small theatre stand in stark contrast to the more harrowing pieces of his journey that he chooses to re-enact for the viewers. Brock does something exceptionally rare - as a man living on the autistic spectrum, with ADHD and manic-depression, he manages to share, with total vulnerability and to a roomful of strangers, his soul. The direction is strong, making excellent usage of lighting and audio cues along with live musical segues performed by Brock himself on vocals and guitar. While the script could benefit from a tight edit, cleaning up some of the scattered nonsequitors and bringing more form and direction to the overall arc, the audience's barrage of questions for Brock at the end of the play was proof that they were genuinely inspired by this story of someone who has overcome incredibly difficult odds to become a working artist in Hollywood." - Matt Weinglass